CounterpointS "Subway Lines"

Very excited about the Release of the new record "Subway Lines" by Talmor Irniger Counterpoints (feat. Ohad Talmor, ts / Christoph Irniger, ts / Baenz Oester, b / Vinnie Sperrazza, dr) on Fresh Sound New Talent in march. The album was recorded in November 2015 in collaboration with Radio SRF 2 Kultur and features seven pieces of Ohad and three of mine. The record is available at the Shop.

Release Tour in march in CH - DE - IT - ES - PT:

02.03.17 Esse Music Bar, Winterthur (CH)
03.03.17 Bejazz, Bern (CH)
04.03.17 Der Pappelgarten, Reutlingen (DE)
05.03.17 Jazz in Bess, Lugano (CH)
08.03.17 Make Art, Bisceglie (IT)
09.03.17 Dexter, Bari (IT)
10.03.17 Chorus, Lausanne (CH)
11.03.17 AMR, Geneve (CH)
12.03.17 Villa Schneckenmann, Zürich (CH)
14.03.17 Cafe Tati, Lisbon (PT)
15.03.17 Hot Clube, Lisbon (PT)
16.03.17 Museu Nogueira da Silva, Braga (PT)
17.03.17 El Cercano Espacio, Ourense (ES)
18.03.17 Porta Jazz, Porto (PT)

"Big Wheel Live" in Germany

Yeba. Pilgrim Tour continuing on Mondayyesss!

13.02.17 C-Keller, Weimar (DE)
14.02.17 Cavette, Marburg (DE)
15.02.17 Zig Zag Jazzclub, Berlin (DE)
16.02.17 Cafe Wagner, Jena (DE)
17.02.17 Jazzforum, Bayreuth (DE)
18.02.17 Kulturbahnhof, Kalchreuth (DE)

Best of 2016

Very honoured that Big Wheel Live appeared in several Best lists this year. The Aargauer Zeitung picked the CD as No. 1 in "Jazz National". Further appearences in Improvisedblog's (US) and (DE) Top 10, as also at the NPR Jazz Critics Poll 2016 (US), One man's Jazz (CA) and the Oservador (PT) at the recomondations!

"Big Wheel Live" Release Tour

03.11.16 Altes Pfandhaus, Köln (DE)
04.11.16 Theatersaal im Lindenhof, Braunschweig (DE)
05.11.16 Jazzclub im Speicher, Leer (DE)
06.11.16 Dumont, Aachen (DE)
10.11.16 Armer Konrad, Weinstadt (DE)
17.01.17 Altes Spital, Solothurn (CH)
25.01.17 Jazz im Seefeld / GZ Riesbach, Zürich (CH)
13.02.17 C-Keller, Weimar (DE)
14.02.17 Cavette, Marburg (DE)
15.02.17 Zig Zag Jazzclub, Berlin (DE)
16.02.17 Jazzmeile, Jena (DE)
17.02.17 Jazzforum, Bayreuth (DE)
18.02.17 Kulturbahnhof, Kalchreuth (DE)
23.03.17 Jazzclub in der Tuchlaube, Aarau (CH)
23.04.17 Vortex, London (UK)

Big Wheel Live

The new Live Album of my group Pilgrim is now available at the Shop. The record will appear on Intakt Records and will be in stores, Amanzon, Bandcamp or Itunes by mid September. Official release on September 16th / September 30th (USA & CANADA).

Intakt Records writes: "After the highly praised group’s latest studio recording 'Italian Circus Story', Pilgrim - driven by enthusiasm and inventiveness - presents the vibrant live album 'Big Wheel'. Pilgrim plays full of verve, with plenty of room for spontaneity and improvisation and demonstrates impressively their pulsating music."

Line Up: Christoph Irniger, ts / Stefan Aeby, p / Dave Gisler, g / Raffaele Bossard, b & MIchi Stulz, dr

Check the tourdates..

"Big Wheel Live" Album Teaser

Very thrilled to announce the new live album "Big Wheel Live" by Pilgrim. Release in September 2016 on Intakt Records. Release Tour starting in November. Get your 38 seconds here. Yep..

Pilgrim Talk About Pilgrim

These statements were recorded early November 2015 in Berlin by Jana Heinlein. In the background are excerpts from Pilgrim’s concert at the jazz club A-Trane featuring the track ‘Acid’, which will be released autumn 2016 on Big Wheel [Live] on Intakt Records.

Winter Newsletter

Check here the recent newsletter about concerts, Jazzahead and new videos. Yay!