"Big Wheel Live" Album Teaser

Very thrilled to announce the new live album "Big Wheel Live" by Pilgrim. Release in September 2016 on Intakt Records. Release Tour starting in November. Get your 38 seconds here. Yep..

Pilgrim Talk About Pilgrim

These statements were recorded early November 2015 in Berlin by Jana Heinlein. In the background are excerpts from Pilgrim’s concert at the jazz club A-Trane featuring the track ‘Acid’, which will be released autumn 2016 on Big Wheel [Live] on Intakt Records.

Winter Newsletter

Check here the recent newsletter about concerts, Jazzahead and new videos. Yay!


Trio Gigs in Switzerland

Very looking forward to be on the road again in Switzerland with the trio (feat. Raffaele Bossard & Ziv Ravitz) to present our recent record "Octopus". The tour is supported by Migros Kulturprozent.

01. Feb. Live im 1733, St. Gallen
11. Feb. Esse Music Bar, Winterthur
12. Feb. Bejazz / Vidmarhallen, Bern
13. Feb. Jazz in Bess, Lugano

New Pilgrim Video

Thrilled about this new compilation of three songs (Acid - Or Not - The End of Red) performed at Jazzclub A-Trane, Berlin in November 2015 by Christoph Irniger Pilgrim, filmed by Jana Heinlein. The concert was recorded for our next live record "Big Wheel [Live]" which will come out in autumn 2016 on Intakt Records. Thanks for sharing and enjoy!

"Octopus" Release Tour

Close to a half year after the release of "Octopus" we are going to play with the trio a few concerts in Swiezerland. Release party will be Sat. december 5th at Moods, Zurich and before we are in Lausanne (Radio Espace 2) and La Chaux-de-Fonds. Further Dates in spring..

Check the Album Trailer..

Cadence Magazine Interview

"Emotion in Music - Seeking the perfect Line"

The october issue of Cadence Magazine (US) contains a very extensive interview (11 pages) with me by Ken Weiss. The interview took place at Princeton Public Library in may when I currently was staying in NYC. Ken recorded the interview and, except on one or two spots, he typed exactly everything what I said and how I said it. So it's very authentic and unvarnished. Check it out here if you wanna know more..

Counterpoints Concerts & Recording

Finally Jazz. The band Counterpoints (with Ohad Talmor, ts / C. I., ts / Bänz Oester, b / Vinnie Sperrazza, dr) was formed after an invitation for the unerhoert! Festival Zurich 2012. The contact stayed and now the band plays some concerts and is recording in collaboration with Radio SRF Culture. We play brand new music of Ohad Talmor and mine. As the bandtitle tells the band is in the tradition of Lennie Tristano and musicians following after him. Music I heard and practised a lot and love very much. Finally jazz and in its true tradition.